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Sports Vision Training: Taking Care of your Eye Health

If your aim is to be the best at your given sport or you simply want to ensure that you can continue playing your favorite sport for years to come, then the quality of your eye health will play a major role in giving you the edge.

Any sport that involves hand-eye coordination, depth perception, eye tracking, target practice, needs a sharp and healthy set of eyes to maximize efficiency.

When it comes to getting the edge and staying at the top of their game, many of the world’s top athletes in NBA, NFL, NBL and organizations like the Air force, Navy & Army, Institute of Sport will engage in Sports Vision Training.

What is Sports Vision Training?

In the same way that an athlete improves sport performance by training the body for strength and endurance, visual skills can be improved and enhanced through a subtype of optometric vision therapy known as sports vision training.

However not everyone is able to afford Sports Vision Training or need the extensive training this modality entails. We know however, that exercising your eyes has proven to make a significant difference to the quality of your eye health and should be a regular practice for those wanting to stay at the top of their game.

What Happens When Our Visual System Is Inaccurate?

  • Ball or target is not always seen clearly
  • Over or under-estimating the distance of the target or ball
  • Difficulty focusing on the “target” or “ball”
  • Poor tracking of a moving target
  • Under or overestimating the strike point of a moving target
  • Inconsistent performance
  • Fatigue
  • Poor concentration

Lifestyle Choices Impacting our Eye Health

The No 1 problem presented to optometrists today is Digital Eyestrain. Lifestyle changes have meant a dramatic increase in digital screen time for everyone, including our athletes and sports people. When they are not practicing or training in their given sport, they too can be found in front of a digital screen of some sort.According to The Vision Council, the average time spent on smartphones, in front of computers, TV’s & I ‘pads is 9.5 hours + per day.  After only 2 hours, digital eye strain can occur, and this can indeed impact your sporting or specialist performance. Army, Navy and Police are not immune to the impact of digital screens daily.

Ageing Eyes

Another factor that plays a part in our overall eye health is natural aging. As we age our eye muscles lose their elasticity, predominantly after the age of 40 this will noticeably start to happen. This, coupled with screen time, means our eye muscles are becoming fatigued and aging at a much faster rate. This is highlighted with approximately 80% of the adult population in the US, now are wearing corrective eyewear.

For older athletes or sports people, it’s even more important to have an eye care program that exercises these muscles for optimal health and performance.

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What Happens When Looking at Harmful Digital Screens?


Excessive screen time forces our eye muscles to contract, with limited movement for long periods of time, causing these muscles to become over strained. Symptoms such as eye fatigue, which lead to tired, sore, dry, irritated eyes, double/blurred vision, headaches and poor sleep can be the result, and these in turn, negatively affect our work, sport and quality of life.

The EYE YOGA HEADSET immediately provides an “active recovery” response, targeting the direct source of the discomfort – the intra & outer MUSCLES. Thus, offering relief by encouraging them to stretch and relax, out of the contracted hold, hence increasing blood flow & nutrients to these areas, improving the users physical and mental focus, with the eye area feeling rejuvenated and refreshed.

If you are in front of digital screens all day, other products such as Blue Light Glasses are great for temporary relief by blocking out the blue-light only, however the main source of eye strain does not come from the blue light spectrum if you are serious about looking after the health and longevity of your eyes , then a solution that gets to the ‘root cause’ of over-strained eyes/aging eyes, your number 1 choice for you and your family  is the patented Eye Yoga Headset.

100% Natural with NO Harmful Digital Screens

Eye Yoga for your Eye Health

Whether you are a professional athlete or just a lover of your sport and want to be playing at a high level, having a regular eye exercise regime is paramount. We believe the patented Eye Yoga Headset is the ultimate “foundational” tool to either support and enhance your Sports Vision Training, or as a stand-alone device that can help give you that competitive edge by simply keeping your eyes exercised regularly.

The World First patented Eye Yoga Headset is an “all in one” solution for optimal eye movement and flexibility, designed to help with digital eyestrain, aging eyes and to help further enhance sports vision performance training…


The Eye Yoga Headset’s pre-programmed 5 minute workout, will specifically target the intra & supporting eye muscles, activating, stretching, and relaxing them to increase circulation and flow of nutrients to these muscles for improved health and flexibility.

Eye Yoga Headset supports the following:

Increased peripheral vision
Better depth perception
Eye tracking
Increased visual awareness
Sharper focus on objects
Symptoms of eyestrain relieved
Eyes feel energized and fresh

But my vision is fine, why would I need this?

You can have 20/20 vision and still have inaccuracies in your performance that may be related to digital eyestrain. A condition that has gone unchecked by over 80 percent of the population who have been experiencing symptoms for years.

The most common symptoms below are a sure sign that your eyes are under stress:

  • Tired & fatigued eyes
  • Dry, sore, red eyes
  • Irritated & rubbing of the eyes
  • Blurred & double vision
  • Headaches
  • Light sensitivity
  • Poor sleep

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