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In this digital age of Computers, Smartphones, Ipad’s and TV’s, now more than ever, our time spent in front of screens has become excessive.
This forces our eye muscles to contract with limited movement for long periods of time, causing these muscles to become over strained.
After the age of 40 our eyes start to lose their elasticity and become more rigid. Add to this the impact of digital eye strain and
you have a recipe for tired AGING eyes sooner than expected and potentially contributing to the global myopia epidemic
that increases the risk of age related eye health issues.

These symptoms can negatively affect our work, our children’s attention span and quality of life such as:

  • Tired & fatigued eyes.
  • Dry, sore, red eyes.
  • Irritated & rubbing of the eyes.
  • Blurred & Double Vision.
  • Headaches.
  • Light sensitivity.
  • Poor sleep.

The EYE YOGA HEADSET immediately provides an “active recovery” response, targeting the direct source of the discomfort – the intra & outer MUSCLES. Thus, offering relief by encouraging them to stretch and relax, out of the contracted hold, hence increasing blood flow & nutrients to these areas, improving the users physical and mental focus, with the eye area feeling rejuvenated and refreshed. 

If you are in front of digital screens all day, other products such as Blue Light Glasses are great for temporary relief by blocking out the blue-light only, however the main source of eye strain does not come from the blue light spectrum if you are serious about looking after your health and longevity of your eyes, then a solution that gets to the ‘root cause’ of over-strained eyes/aging eyes, your number 1 choice for you and your family is the patented Eye Yoga Headset.   

This is why we created

The Eye Yoga Headset

Which is backed by USA’s, Germany’s & Australia’s Leading Doctor’s of Optometry in Digital Eye Strain,
Dr Jeffrey Anshel – Creator of the 20-20-20 Rule (USA)
Professor Dr. Bernhard A. Sabel, PhD Founder/Director of Vision Research of University Magdeburg, Germany.

Gary Rodney Founder of Smart Vision Optometry, Master of Optometry, also a Fellow of the International Academy of Myopia Control

& received rave reviews by other leading optometrists.

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4 Easy Steps to solve your DIGITAL EYE STRAIN

Step 1

Get yourself an Eye Yoga Device

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Step 2

Start with practicing 5 mins a day

It couldn’t be any easier, just put it on, turn it on and relax, the next 5 minutes is for you and your eyes only. Enjoy the gentle, guided exercise program and start to feel the difference straight away

Step 3

Keep up that daily routine

After a few days now, you are well on your way to happier eyes. For optimal results, you’ll need at least 7 days of use before you realise the FULL benefits, so keep going!

Step 4

Celebrate taking back control of your health

After 5-7 days of regular use, you’ll wonder how you ever did without your Eye Yoga Device. Making it a regular part of you and your family’s eye health routine, means everyone gets to enjoy their screen time, without the worry.

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How do I know if I’m suffering from eyestrain?

If you’re using a digital device anywhere from 2-8 hrs p/day and suffering from one or more of these symptoms, you’re likely suffering from some form of eyestrain and would benefit from the use of an EyeYoga device

Blurred Vision
Double Vision
Burning Eyes
Watery Eyes
Light Sensitivity
Sore Eyes
Itchy Eyes
Eye Fatigue
Red Eyes

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